Freedom of choice – enjoy.

When opting for the CANCOM AHP Enterprise Cloud companies are at liberty to choose the sourcing model which suits them best with respect to the digital workspace deployment.

As such, companies are able to deploy our digital workspace solution by means of their own data centers, the data centers of Enterprise Service Providers, Hyperscale Services (e.g. IBM Bluemix or Microsoft Azure), CANCOM/PIRONET Data Centers or CANCOM Mobile Data Centers.

Find out which sourcing model fits your strategic outlook best.

On Premise & Customer Data Centers

As long as your data centers comply with conventional security and quality standards, we are able to implement the CANCOM AHP Enterprise Cloud adequately and thus swiftly provide your employees with a digital workspace.

Enterprise Service Providers

In case you have outsourced your data center activities to an Enterprise Service Provider, the CANCOM AHP Enterprise Cloud can be implemented within the infrastructure of said Enterprise Service Provider. Consequently, the employee-access to the digital workspace remains simple.

Hyperscale Service

By means of the CANCOM AHP Enterprise Cloud employees and locations can be equipped with a digital workspace within hours. This, however, requires a scalable infrastructure. Thus, you can provision the digital workspace by implementing the CANCOM AHP Enterprise Cloud within the infrastructure of e.g. IBM Bluemix or Microsoft Azure.


Additionally, you can provision the digital workspace by deploying the CANCOM AHP Enterprise Cloud in our ISO/IEC 27001 certified CANCOM / PIRONET data centers. Two data center locations are available – Munich and Hamburg. Moreover, the advantage of this option is that employees are able to enjoy an exceptionally secure access to their digital workspace.

CANCOM Mobile Data Centers

Compared to conventional data centers, the costs for container data centers are nominal. Additionally, container data centers can be upgraded swiftly, as modules can be added expeditiously. As such, we offer our customers the option of implementing the CANCOM AHP Enterprise Cloud within mobile container data centers. This enables our customers to equip their employees with a digital workspace in a modern and cost efficient manner.


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